MUNT Foundation

Creating possibilities!

At MUNT Foundation we empower people and organizations. We create platforms in which knowledge and action are aligned together and great ideas and solutions can arise. We set up social innovative projects in which possibilities arise and innovative solutions are formed and people get empowered. Creating possibilities for the ones that usually don’t have the opportunity. Empowering people and organizations that need empowerment!

MUNT Foundation is committed to sustainable empowerment to those in need. The Foundation is non-profit and aims to serve the public interest. We aim to reach those who are excluded from fair opportunities and possibilities due to limited social network, educational disadvantage, residence in disadvantaged areas or social exclusion. We empower people and create innovative sustainable solutions. We empower people and organisations through knowlegde and action. Hence, helping people to self-sustainability through:

  • MUNT Academy, educating people through ‘knowledge-sharing’ and action;
  • MUNT Startups, helping people to kick-start their own business and create self-sustainability;
  • MUNT Solutions, creating a platform in which social innovative projects can thrive;
  • MUNT Legal Aid, helping people and organization overcome legal or business disadvantages;
  • MUNT Charity, empowering charity projects;
  • MUNT Club, connecting people and organizations (join the club, find out what you can do!).

Our projects are based on knowledge-sharing, innovation and action! A wise man once said: Knowledge knocks on the door of action. It it receives a reply, it stays, otherwise it departs.

As such, join us and put your knowledge to work!

MUNT Solutions

MUNT Startups

MUNT Academy

MUNT Charity

MUNT Legal Aid